Periodontology in Croatia

Periodontology in Croatia

Periodontal tissue diseases are very frequent with persons that avoid regular preventive dentist appointments and don't maintain regular and proper oral hygiene. Appearance of tartar and plaque very often lead to inflammation processes of the supporting structures of the tooth.

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Periodontal diseases

Periodontits i.e. gum inflammation is the most frequent cause for tooth loss with adults, after caries. Development of microorganisms in the oral cavity leads to inflammatory processes which disturb teeth stability in the jawbone and will as a result lead to tooth loss if not treated in time. Symptoms of periodontitis are reddish gums and bleeding gums during teeth brushing.

Periodontal treatment

For successful periodontits treatment it is essential to discover the disease at an early stage. The dentist must determine the type and duration of the treatment, depending on the stage of disease development. Firstly the cause of the disease like tartar, plaque and caries has to be removed. Depending on the stage of the disease endodontic treatment of tooth roots may be needed as well as a minor surgical procedure like restoration of tooth root and removal of gingival grooves.