Dental prosthetics in Croatia

Dental prosthetics in Croatia

Dental prosthetics covers all types of dental restorations, which can be made from different materials and in different combinations. Prosthetic works can be divided into fixed, semifixed and mobile prosthetics.

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Fixed prosthetics

Fixed prosthetic works include dental crowns, bridges, veneers, ceramic inlay and onlay. Such dental restorations are permanently attached onto placed dental implants or natural grinded teeth, serving as a support.

Semifixed prosthetics

Semifixed prosthetics are not much different from the fixed prosthetics, except that they can be removed for checkup and cleaning. The patients cannot remove them by themselves, they can only be removed by the dentist using special instruments. Semifixed works feel equaly stable in the mouth as fixed prosthetic works.

Mobile prosthetics

Mobile prosthetics are prosthetics that can be removed by the patient. Such work is the most economic one, but at the same time the least stable in patient's mouth. Beside for economic reasons it can be done when fixed or semifixed prosthetic work is not possible.