Pedodontics in Croatia

Pedodontics in Croatia

Care for children's teeth starts with eruption of the first milk tooth. Parents should brush the child's teeth till the age of 4 - 5. One should encourage the child to start brushing his/her teeth on his/her own around that age, but with parental supervision. Habit of regular and proper care of child's own teeth should be learnt early on.

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The first visit

When choosing a pedodontist it is essential to choose a quality dentist who is experienced in working with children. The first visit should be in friendly atmosphere when the child gets to know the dentist and his office as well as different sounds and scents in the dental office. No dental work should be done during the first visit, and it should happen around the age of seven. It is recommended for the child to be taken by the parent who has no fear from the dentist, and if both parents do not fit into that category, the child should be taken by some other family member, to whom the child can trust.


Most parents have a faulty opinion concerning caries on milk teeth. It is a common misunderstanding that milk teeth should not be cured from caries since they will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth. On the contrary, it is very important to treat milk teeth with caries and to restore them with fillings if necessary. This will ensure regular development of permanent teeth and the whole jaw. Quality cooperation of the dentist and the parent is essential.

Protection of teeth from the damage

Children who are physically active, especially in contact sports, should use a splint for their teeth. The splint is fabricated according to the child’s teeth cast and will ensure maximum protection from injuries and fractures.