Conservative dentistry in Croatia

Conservative dentistry in Croatia

Conservative dentistry deals with the health of teeth and its supporting structures. It is a main dental branch with a preventive role for oral health. Conservative dentistry also includes removal of tartar, plaque, caries, teeth restoration with fillings, endodontic treatment, simpler teeth treatment with fillings and inlay and onlay ceramic restorations.

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Caries is the most frequent oral disease mostly appearing as a result of poor oral hygiene, and is considered the main cause for tooth loss at all age groups. Regular oral hygiene and visits to dentist's office can minimize the possibility of caries appearance.

Tartar and plaque

Plaque and tartar appear regardless of the regular and proper oral hygiene. It is recommended to visit the dentist's office each 6 months for mechanical tartar and plaque removal, since their presence in oral cavity represents ideal basis for appearance of caries.

Composite fillings

Composite fillings or dental amalgam is used for restoration of teeth crowns damaged by caries. After the dentist removes the caries, a composite filling is applied on the tooth in order to restore the damage and prevent further bacteria penetration into the tooth. In modern dentistry we use white resin composite filling while amalgam (grey or black) is not used any more because of it's harmfulness and unacceptable aesthetics.

Inlay and onlay

Ceramic restorations inlay and onlay are used when the dental crown is significantly damaged and it is not possible to restore it using composite fillings. In that case the dental crown is cleaned form all damages incurred by caries and a replacement tooth according to the dental cast is fabricated in the dental lab, which will then be permanently attached to the damaged natural tooth crown.

Endodontic treatment

Inside the tooth there is a cavity called tooth canal. The canal comprises dental pulp consisting of blood vessels and nerves. Dental pulp is essential for the growth of the tooth and with its full development it finisheds with it’s most important function. After that phase it represents an alarm system i.e. it alarms us via painful impulses that there is something wrong with the tooth. When the pulp is damaged it usually dies off. Endodontic treatment represents the removal of dental pulp, cleaning of the root canal from bacteria and closing the tooth with composite dental fillings. The tooth without the pulp does not lose its function or quality.