Oral surgery in Croatia

Oral surgery in Croatia

Oral surgery is a very complex branch of dentistry since all procedures are done inside the oral cavity, which is full of bacteria and it is impossible to have a sterile environment in such conditions. Surgical procedures are done exclusively by oral surgery specialists.

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Tooth root resection

On the top of the tooth root, placed deep inside the jawbone is the place of frequent disease development. In order to prevent disease development and possible tooth loss an apicoectomyor tooth root resection is usually done. Simply said, the top of the tooth root is surgically removed so that an opening is made in the bone through which the top of the tooth root of the sick tooth is removed by the oral surgeon.

Wisdom teeth eruption

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the jaw to erupt. It is frequently the case that the jaw of the patient lacks space for complete and undisturbed development of wisdom teeth and it is painful in most cases. Depending on the situation they can be impacted or retained. With most patients standard procedure is to surgically remove the wisdom tooth, because lack of wisdom teeth does not disturb the function nor the aesthetics of the teeth row of the patient.

Cyst development

Cysts can appear in the mouth resulting from different disorders in oral cavity. If there is no possibility to treat them, it is recommended to partially or fully remove them.