Implantology in Croatia

Implantology in Croatia

Dental implant is a replacement for the missing tooth root. Modern dentistry uses dental implants made ​​of titanium, a biocompatible material. Patient’s jawbone does not recognize it as a foreign body, and osseointegrates with the implant.

Such an artificial tooth root will create a fix bond with the jaw, and is the best solution for future restoration. We can attach a crown, a bridge or dentures to it. They are suitable for restoration of edentulous jaws as well as in cases when only one tooth is missing.

Implantology is a part of oral surgery and the procedures may only be done by an experienced specialist in oral surgery.

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Restoration in cases when only one tooth is missing

When only one tooth is missing we recommend placing a dental implant, if neighboring teeth are healthy. In order to place a tooth crown the jaw must already contain dental implant. If dental implant is placed it can act as a root for the tooth crown. If there is no dental implant it is necessary to grind two neighboring teeth, which will then carry a bridge made of 3 crowns.

Restoration of edentulous jaw or when a few teeth are missing

When the patient has a completely edentulous jaw or has only a few teeth left in the jaw, dental implants are an ideal solution for placement of prosthetic work. In case of edentulism 4 to 6 implants are being placed and a bridge is attached to them. The prerequisite for implants placement is enough bone tissue in the jaw. Patients that lack bone tissue in the jaw have two options, artificial bone placement or bone grafting from other locations of the body.